Estate Administration ('Probate')

The death of a loved one can be hard to come to terms with at the best of times, without the added trauma of having to sort out their personal affairs. It can be difficult to know where to start.

‘Probate’ is a general term used to describe the process of dealing with an estate, although its strict meaning relates to the issue of a document called a ‘Grant of Probate’ by the Probate Court and which enables the Executors of the Will to deal with the assets of the deceased. If no Will was made by the deceased then a different type of Grant will be issued by the Court – a ‘Grant of Representation’ is a general term for all the different types of Grant which exist.

Extracting a Grant of Representation is not always required, but if it is necessary then certain forms need to be completed and filed with the Probate Court. This is where we can help. We provide a range of options from doing all the basic groundwork required so that the Grant can be obtained, to administering the entire estate (and which includes applying for Probate, dealing with all the assets, transferring any assets into the names of beneficiaries, paying debts, trying to mitigate inheritance tax, dealing with income tax, preparing Estate Accounts for the beneficiaries and generally ensuring that what needs to be dealt with has been done). We can do as much or as little as you wish.

We can also prepare Deeds of Variation if it is necessary to alter the way in which the estate passes, and which can sometimes save the amount of inheritance tax payable.

Unlike some Solicitors, the value of the estate has no bearing on our charges for dealing with it. We provide a fixed, upfront cost which is calculated according to how much work is required and do not charge by the hour since this approach penalises you and rewards us for being slow!

As with all our services, we are happy to have a brief initial chat with you in the first instance so that we can discuss what you require and explain the options available to you. There is no ‘hard sell’ and no obligation for you to instruct us.



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